Audit Assistance

We stand by every return with free audit & examination assistance. We appreciate our clients for taking the time to write and share their experiences with us. Here’s what a few clients have to say about our audit services:

“ I contacted Lewis in the fall of 2013 to help me prepare my taxes, in part because I wondered if I might be a candidate for deducting my MBA expenses. He explained how this deduction worked in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand way and I decided that I was a good candidate to take this deduction, which ended up saving me a significant amount of money. He promised lifetime audit support. I cashed in on that guarantee, and I was not disappointed. I was audited by both New York State and the IRS. Lewis immediately got on the phone with me and helped me gather information and write letters to both entities explaining my situation and making my case for why I took this deduction. In the end, after months and months of arguing back and forth with both parties and escalating the situation to auditor supervisors, I prevailed and they agreed to allow the deduction. Lewis was unfailingly supportive throughout this entire nerve-racking process, which took almost 6 months. He was ALWAYS reachable by phone or email within minutes, and he provided a highly customized level of support which is unheard of in this day and age. Honestly, I was blown away by Lewis’ level of professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge of the tax system. I would recommend him and his services unconditionally to anyone—he knows what he’s talking about, and it has been a pleasure to have him on my team! I will be a client of his forever.

Jimmy O’Keefe,
Harvard Business School, Class of 2015


“I engaged Lewis Weinstein of GenerationTax after he was recommended to me by friends at both Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management.  My wife, also a Sloan student like me, opted for Lewis’ services.  After learning more about the criteria for deducting the cost of our education, my wife and I opted to deduct our tuition and related expenses because we felt that we qualified.  Lewis informed us of the policies surrounding this, and of the potential risks.  We made informed decisions and moved forward.  After graduating from MIT in 2004, I was informed by the IRS that they were going to examine my 2002 tax return.  I was immediately stressed out and concerned about the whole examination process, which looked more foreboding than a graduate school application.  Lewis handled the whole thing with great equanimity and a process that allowed me to dispute the examination with little interference on my work and personal lives.  After my initial rebuttal was rejected, Lewis persevered and fought off the IRS through two more iterations.  I ultimately prevailed and have never once thought of using anyone else.  We now live in California and continue to engage in Lewis’ services.”

Geoffrey V. Arone
MIT Sloan School of Management, 2004


"Several months ago I received notification from the IRS that they were auditing my MBA expense deduction from several years ago. With thousands of dollars at risk, I turned to Lewis Weinstein at GenerationTax. Some of my classmates had used Lewis' services while I was attending the Harvard Business School and strongly recommended his expertise. Lewis helped me construct my arguments to the IRS and supported me with written correspondences, communication strategies and tactics throughout the whole audit process. The IRS finally accepted my case on the third appeal, saving me thousands of dollars and setting the precedent for my educational expense deductions in other years. I strongly recommend Lewis Weinstein and GenerationTax, especially for educational expense situations."

Corey Walker
Harvard Business School, Class of 2008


"I was a little worried that GenerationTax would step back and make me deal with my audit on my own or just go through the motions but not really get involved. But I thought you guys were very proactive. Your guidance on what I should write and say to the IRS was right on the mark. In the end, I believe your expertise on the issues coupled with my ability to communicate my case made the difference. Finally, your consistent message that we were basically in a war of attrition and that I should never give up was what caused me to persevere through the audit process. I probably would have given up earlier without your support. Thanks for helping me win my case and avoid writing a very large check to the IRS."

Thomas M. Wieand


"GenerationTax fairly presented the risks/rewards of utilizing the MBA expense deduction in my taxes, allowing me to make the final decision.  When the unlikely audit of my return occurred, they provided a clear roadmap how to defend the deduction accurately and convincingly.  The IRS decided to allow the deduction."

Jeff Behring
Kellogg School of Management, 2003


"2 1/2 years after graduating from Harvard Business School, the IRS notified me of their intent to examine my 2003 federal tax return. I quickly contacted Lewis Weinstein at GenerationTax for his assistance. He responded immediately with detailed advice and guidance on how to explain my MBA tuition deduction. Throughout the examination process, Lewis instructed me how to best respond to the IRS and communicate with my examiner. With the help of GenerationTax, my IRS examination was recently closed with no adjustments to my tax return."

Troy Phillips
Harvard Business School, Class of 2003


"When I chose to work with GenerationTax to prepare my personal taxes, they assured me of free audit assistance in the event my tax returns were ever questioned by federal or state tax authorities. Years later, the IRS did audit my 2017 return and they kept their word. The exhausting process took over one year and through it all, GenerationTax was prompt, patient, clear, helpful and resolute. I never waited more than a couple of business days for a response. They did not grow weary through the process. They always provided concise, clear instructions for the steps I should take and even provided written copy and exhibits for me to use in my correspondence with the IRS. I would have been lost without their advice, assistance and confidence that I stood on solid ground with respect to my tax filing. With persistence, our united effort led to a favorable resolution of my IRS audit. I am grateful for the firm’s integrity and expertise."

David Wurtzbacher